Monday, April 17, 2017

Door Mud .99 Pro!

DoorMUD [2017]

Port:4206 (changed due to spambots)

DoorMUD is a free, high-quality MUD (multi-user dungeon) that features fast-paced real-time combat, excellent multinode interaction, a high-powered command interface and a huge game world with over 2100+ rooms for players to explore. It is actively supported, with new versions coming out on a regular basis. A World Editor add-on is also in the works, allowing Sysops to modify the game  world and create your own new dungeons, quests, artifacts, and more! 

-=] ACCESS [=-

DoorMUD is the origianl BBS experience, as such it is recommended to use the client below (works with other BBS's as well) for optimal experience. Telnet'ing lacks many features and in some cases may distort colors.